How to Reach Auli
Airway, the nearest airport is Dehradun which is 140 km away
Railway, the railway station nearby is Haridwar railway station which is 270 km away and Dehradun
Roadway Rishikesh (250 km), Haridwar (273 km) and Dehradun (293 km)
Also, many Travel Operators run with very good packages to Auli From Various places Such as Delhi, Uttarakhand, Dehradun To Auli

This is a well-known place in Chamoli district, located in Uttarakhand, although there are only a few places to visit in Auli you will enjoy it because of the snowfall and the climatic conditions. The weather conditions here gives the memorable experience especially during the time of November to march the climate conditions are very cold
Auli (or) Chamoli also has best Hotels, Resorts, Ski Resorts for the stay to tourist
Before, we go into brief into the location let us know the most popular or best places to visit in here are
The list can be planned so
Artificial lake
Gorso Bugyal
Kwani Bugyal
Chenab Lake
Auli Chair Lift

Ropeway :

The major beauty of this place can be seen in the ropeway only this is having the longest ropeway in Asia after Gulmarg, trust me, We can have the magical view of Himalayan it is located Appro. 2800 – 3000 mt above sea level this cable car covers the distance from Auli to Joshimath which is around 4Kms

Artificial Lake :

This lake is known as the highest manmade artificial lake this is been maintained by the government, the water in the lake is also used in snow guns which are been for skiing, This can also be said best place in adventure destination because the lake was built with a view of creating perennial artificial ski slopes, this is been situated near the clifftop Hotel
Joshimath is also known as Jyotirmath. We can have the best trekking from here really we will have great fun at this place if u like trekking, Apart, during winter the town becomes a holy destination because the idol of Lord Badri will be bought down to Vasudeva temple

Gorso Bugyal

This place is located from 3Kms from the city, Gorso is appro. 3052 mt above the sea level this is the place which is surrounded by oak trees, we can also start our trekking to Chattarkund which is 1kms far away

Chattarkund :

This is a small sweet water lake which is been located 3287 mt above the sea level which is also near Joshimath, Chattarkund is the place for the nature lover as it is surrounded by the trees

Kwani Bugyal

Trekking point of Auli

This is the most popular destination for trekking, as it is situated 3290 mt above the sea level, this is appro. 19 km from Auli, 12 km Gorso Bugyal. The best time to visit this place June to September From here we Can see the beauty of Himalaya
Therefore,4 Trekking routes from here are
Auli, Ghat, Joshimath, Tapovan
Among the four the longest one is Ghat and the shortest One is Auli

Chenab Lake

Therefore, this is another small water lake near Joshimath, another place with a lot of Green Oak forest, most of the people ignore this due to bad road condition this can be reached by trek from the village, the Best time to visit this place is May to Oct

Chair lift:

Therefore chairlift is another Amazing Ride which takes us to Auli lake from skiing slope of Auli

Finally, By all these natural beauties that Auli has made it as the India Switzerland Auli

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