Earlier, Kanyakumari was known as Cape Comorin, it is also well known as “land of three seas”. The coastal town in Tamil Nadu which is nearby to Chennai and in the border to Kerala, the only place in the world which is the witness of Sunset and sunrise, one of the most famous destinations in India

This place is a bit crowded because Kanyakumari is the only place where we can experience the best sunset and sunrise in India, this is one of the major tourist attraction of Kanyakumari
Places to visit in Kanyakumari are listed below:

Vattakottai Fort :

Therefore fort is located 4km from the Kanyakumari beach, This fort is built in the 18th century by Travancore kingdom for coastal defense As the name suggests ‘Vattam’ means ‘circle’ Kottai means fort, we can have a great view of the beach from the fort

Vivekananda rock memorial:

Earlier India’s famous poet and philosopher Swami Vivekananda have traveled Kanyakumari in 1892, where he spent three days meditating on a large rock offshore
There are three things to visit namely, the Parvati Mandapam, Vivekananda Mandapam & Meditation hall, Moreover, the rock preserves the lone footprint of the goddess Devi Kanyakumari who did penance here
The memorial was built here in honor of Swami Vivekananda in the year 1970

Thiruvalluvar statue :

Also, the giant statue of the Tamil philosopher Thiruvalluvar which is Next to Vivekananda rock the ferry rides will be ended here, one of the best views of the shore can be from here, the height o the statue is approx 130 ft

Kanyakumari beach:

Earlier, Kanyakumari beach was before known as Cape Comorin beach, one of the famous beach & the only beach that is a convergence of Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, the best time to visit this beach is during sunrise or sunset, Along the beach road we find some stop selling huge varieties of seashell items

Padmanabhapuram Palace :

The place that we can experience the mesmerizing architecture in the Kanyakumari is Padmanabhapuram palace it is located 37km from Kanyakumari, A wooden palace which is built in the 16th century by Ravi Pillai Ravivarma Kulasekhara Perumal of the Travancore Kingdom, Therefore, Meaning of the Padmanabhapuram is the Padma means lotus, Nabha-navel, Puram- town),

Although, Padmanabhapuram palace is in Kanyakumari it is maintained by the Kerala archeological Dept. we can come across the best artwork in this palace, Especially the dancing hall in the palace. Palace is closed on Monday and the timing of the palace are 9:00 Am to 4:30 pm

Also, there are also Other places Namely Mathur aqueduct, Wax museum, Thanumalayan temple

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