Tada Falls

How to Reach Ubbalamadugu / Tada falls

  • Road 45 km from Srikalahasti, 92 km from Chennai, 156 km from Chittoor
  • Rail 92 from Tirupati, 130kms from Nellore 92 km from Chennai
  • Air 92 km from Chennai

Best time to visit Ubbalamadugu / TADA Falls is Oct to Jan

Also, Ubbalamadug falls is also known as Tada falls which is located in Varadaiahpalem Mandal of Chittoor district which is located near sricity, You can see a glorious view of crystal clear waterfalls here this is in the Siddulaiah Kona forest region, the water rolls down from approx. 100mts of height, As it is situated on the border of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh this place the trekking would be around 10 km in rough patches and rocky terrains, we come across multiple water pools along the trail, this is located in Kambakam hills  which is a destination for trekking & climbing

rocky terrain

If you wanna reach the trekking start point in vehicle Go with SUV or high ground clearance vehicles, we do also have another option of hiring Autos, the forest check collects 50/- camera and vehicle, as said earlier the total trek distance is around 10kms (Try to carry enough food and Water)

Our journey starts with crossing a small bridge, After we travel for 1.5kms we come across Shiva temple and running water steam, we then come across the thick forest with formations with a pool of water, from thereafter few km we come across the beautiful location which is our destination

Therefore, Don’t plan this with children and elder people as the trekking route is tough, Also remember there will be no ATM’s or food stalls to purchase after crossing Tada village

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